What do I need to register my child for Pre-K?

1. Find Your District and School

Find a School Near You

2. Put Together your Registration Documents

The following documents must be provided to your school district to register for Pre-K:

  1. The child's birth certificate
  2. The child's current immunization record
  3. The child's social security card (optional, but will save time if you have it)
  4. Proof of residence (a utility bill or lease)
  5. Picture ID of the child's parent or guardian
  6. If the child qualifies for free and reduced lunch, proof of income for all working members of the household, like a paystub, or a SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid statement
  7. If applicable, military ID card of parent or guardian
  8. If applicable, court papers indicating conservatorship or foster child placement

Note: Some districts vary slightly in what documents are accepted, this is a list of documents required and accepted by most districts. Please confirm with your district that you have the right documentation before registering.

3. Go To Your District's Designated Location to Register